Team and Athletic Sponsor Tiers:

Gold Medal Level: $1,000 - Recognition on Bash Website,
   banner & announcements at the banquet.


Silver Medal Level: $500 - Recognition on banner & announcement

  at the banquet.


Bronze Medal Level: $250 - Recognition & Announcement at

   the banquet.


Ribbon Level: $ Any amount your heart compels you to share is

   greatly appreciated.


In kind contributions are also greatly appreciated and needed, and will be recognized according to the dollar value of the contribution. Examples: Radio time, print & other media, water, food items, etc.


All banners and signage will be displayed as applicable to these listed  categories.  Sponsorship and Advertising dollars collected

are used to offset expenses of the Special Olympic athletes, and to help more athletes interested in these programs participate in their event of choice. Thank you for your consideration!


A link to the 2017 Donation Page will be posted here soon!!

Lewis & Clark Lake • Yankton, SD

The difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is that little Extra!

In loving memory of Brandi Wahl-Lueders

The total money raised for Charity by the Lewis & Clark Boating community has been over $225,000 through 2017!


Thank you to our 2017 Bash to the Colonies Sponsors!