How it started... Two guys, sitting over some "cold ones" one night after a great day of sailing on Lewis & Clark Lake, talking about their awesome day of sailing the entire length of the lake. Any time you have two sailboats going in the same direction you have a race. And like the majority of sailors they really didn't like being bothered by the plethora of rules when it comes to racing around the cans. So, with that being said, Jeff bought Trace another "freshie" and more ideas flowed until it was decided that more people would love to be involved in a great day of fun competition. The day is not all about winning but rather giving back while competing. A race where the first rule was to affix your Corona when rounding the mark, so as to not be accused of alcohol abuse.


The first year, 2007, the race was a "no donation" completely sponsored by the Lewis & Clark Resort, you remember, the year that the wind died, but spirits didn't and the 20 participating boats enjoyed the day.


The second year was the introduction of Special Olympics. Nicole, our eldest daughter was asked to help with fundraising for Special Olympics. Special Olympics has always been near and dear to the hearts of the Wahl family.


Brandi Wahl Lueders was born with Down Syndrome, but that never stopped her from having a full life and competing in Special Olympics. Starr, Brandi's mother, served on the board of Special Olympics South Dakota in the mid 80's. With the second year came donations for entries which were all contributed to Special Olympics and the event was again sponsored by the Lewis & Clark Resort. In year two, more than $800 was raised with 30 vessels participating.


2016 was the 10th annual Bash to the Colonies. Total money raised for Charity by the Lewis & Clark Boating community has been over $225,000 through 2017! Thank you all for your continued support of our fun & exciting fundraising event.


We are all so excited for the 12th annual Bash to the Colonies in 2018!


See you at the races!


​Jeff and Judy Wahl

Mission Statement:

The Bash to the Colonies Regatta is a philanthropic sailing event that raises money for local charities. The mission is to promote and encourage fellowship, friendship and camaraderie; and promote an appreciation of sailing in a fun, safe, and friendly atmosphere. This goal is accomplished by utilizing the power of volunteerism and fostering a community spirit that instills fun for the benefit of the local charities.


Bash to the Colonies Sailboat Regatta is a "friendly competition" between sailing enthusiasts. Trophies are awarded but the event is not a hardcore race. It has developed into a weekend of sailing, fun, food, music, and entertainment. All types of boats get on the Lewis and Clark Lake to watch the race, tag along with the race, and to simply enjoy the water for the weekend. There are many fun and exciting things to do throughout the weekend. All the proceeds for this event will be going to benefit a local charity.

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In loving memory of Brandi Wahl-Lueders